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ASES- Lights on After School

Sing up for ASES today- Inscribase a ASES hoy. 

Sing_up_for_ASES_today-_Inscribase_a_ASES_hoy.  icon
Sing up for ASES today- Inscribase a ASES hoy. 

Currently enrolling 2nd-6th grade-  Actualmente aceptando grados Segundo (2do) a Sexto (6)
The ASES program is designed to support extended learning for students struggling in their core academics.  The ASES program provides credentialed teachers who deliver interventions with the support of quality tutors.  Both our teachers and tutors support students in their intervention work after school hours.  The program operates Monday-Friday from dismissal to 6PM. 

If you are interested in the ASES program for your child, please visit us at school and we will connect you with the ASES coordinator, Erika Reyes