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School History

C. E. Dingle Elementary School
625 ELM STREET | 1926
Since 1889 there has been a grammar school at the site where C.E. Dingle Elementary is located today. While the names of the school and the buildings have changed over the years the site has long played a significant role in the history of education in Woodland. Charles E. Dingle, principal for many years of Woodland Grammar School (today’s Dingle School) had the life motto of “What a teacher is, his pupils will be.” After his retirement in 1924, it was decided in 1926 to honor his devotion to education by changing the name of the school to C.E. Dingle Elementary School. His legacy is honored today through the teacher’s commitment to the education of their students.
Picture: Class of 1958

School Colors:Red / White

Student Population:  330 (approx.)

School Mascot:    Panther -  Panthera Pardus

The panther is a member of the cat family. It is graceful, alert and clever. It was believed by Native Americans that these animals were sacred and gave wisdom and power.

Dingle Class of 1958

Dingle Class of 1958

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