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District Wide Broadcast Message

Join Us for Marina's Mexican Hot Chocolate Day - Friday, 2/26 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Drive thru)
Emergency Asynchronous Plans (Power/Internet Outage)

Emergency_Asynchronous_Plans_(Power/Internet_Outage) icon
Emergency Asynchronous Plans (Power/Internet Outage)

In order to be prepared for an unexpected internet or power outage, please click on the grade/teacher to access the list of activities.
SDC/Kindergarten (Caldwell, Rojas, Hernandez - English/Spanish)
1st (Lozano, Dye)
2nd (Lefevre, Croft)
5th/6th (Ruiz, Leong, Hudson)
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Look at What's New at Dingle

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Outside Learning Lab
bathroom ramp
painted playground
New Fence
Bottle fillers