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attend today. Achieve tomorrow

attend today. Achieve tomorrow

Help Your Child Succeed Academically....Make Attendance a Priority


Remember, you have 3 days to clear your child's absence.

Please call the school immediately if your child is going to be out of school - 530-662-7084

Please note that unverified school attendance will generate truency letters and a permanate record. Poor attendace can be a factor for not qualifying for certain services right away or being able to particiapte in certain activities throuhgt their school years. Please check our student handbook for the criteria of a verified absence vs unverified. 
Attendance Campaign

Attendance Campaign

Starting January 2023 we will be launching a site and a district campaign where we will be tracking which class can get most improved attendance weekly. The class that achieves this will earn a class incentive.
As a district, we will also be competing against other schools. The schools with most improved attendance will earn public recognition as well as an incentive school wide every month.
Our Dingle Attendance plan will consist of:
  • Weekly class competitions
  • Large attendance display in the cafeteria
  • Monthly student recognition for perfect attendance and for most improved attendance
  • Home visits to families to create an individual family plan
  • Organize community safe walks to school
  • Weekly reports in the parent newsletter